Alisha Piercy
hair10.jpg hair1.jpg hair2.jpg hair3.jpg hair4.jpg hair5.jpg hair6.jpg hair7.jpg hair8.jpg ghost1.jpg ghost2.jpg white1.png white2.png white3.png raft1.jpg raft2.jpg
You have hair like flags, flags that point in many directions at once but cannot pinpoint land when lost at sea~ (2010) is a multi-disciplinary project in which a figure is adrift at sea for 30 days. The creation of a chapbook was accompanied by a thirty-day-long wall drawing performance in Montréal and an installation of burning rafts set off the coast of Reykjavik. The story was inspired by the slogan Barcelona or Death! from a Senegalese pop song about the masses of young African men who attempt to float to mainland Europe, and by Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader’s fated 1975 effort to round the world on a small boat.

Your Lips to Mine Press, Montreal and Berlin (Winter, 2010)

drawing performance:
Fofa Gallery Vitrines, Montreal (January 4-February 4, 2010)
ink on wall
15 x 30 ft. each (four vitrines)

raft parade:
Reykjavik Culture Night, Reykjavik (August, 2010)